Factory Facilities

FROZEN has more than 500 sets of molds and 20 sets of injection molding machines to produce car refrigerators,all refrigerators are made by injection molding with a daily production of 500pcs.
Every set of molds and parts of our car refrigerator are made of our injection molding process, which determines the durability and reliability of our FROZEN car refrigerator. Our company is a leading enterprise in the automotive refrigerator industry. With 28 injection molding machines, all your needs can be satisfied.
The process of vacuuming directly affects the performance of refrigerator. If the vacuum degree does not meet the standard, the refrigerator will bring frost and ice blocking. With such advanced vacuum equipment, we can make sure the superior performance of FROZEN car refrigerator.
Our refrigerant equipment has two injection guns, which can operate two different refrigerants at the same time. And our refrigerant equipment can be applied to different refrigerants (such as R134a, R600a, R1234yf). Moreover, our refrigerant equipment has a strict quality inspection system. If the compressor does not meet the requirements, refrigerant will not be filled. Once the refrigerant is filled, the nozzle will be sealed and welded by ultrasonic.
Our Factory have 4 testing lines. The finished products will be placed here for refrigeration & safety testing. We use the MES intelligent acquisition system, which can detect each process from the very beginning to the final step to see if the product is really qualified for packing. If the MES system detects a defective product, it will activate the alarm system and terminate the production line immediately. It will not allowed to continue anything until the defective product is picked out manually. Secondly, MES will also conduct a safety inspection on our products to ensure each product to meet the safety standards of each country's requirements, giving customers a safty guarantee and rest assured on using.
we will conduct a full inspection and cleaning to ensure that each refrigerator is perfect for packaging.After the packaging is completed, our products will be delivered to you quickly. What are you waiting for, contact us now !