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GD JG Electronic Ltd

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To succeed in the mission - FROZEN ANYTIME,ANYWHERE

The original and still the best, FROZEN are the gold standard in high-performance, durable and   affordable camping refrigerator, and so much more.

With 12 years of OEM&ODM experience in the automotive electronics industry, GD JG Electronic Ltd uses respect and expertise to build performance across all areas of this business, from automotive lighting to automotive refrigeration.This reputation for excellence in all things has made us the leading manufacturer in China. Our company represents only the very best in automotive refrigeration, so when you choose GD JG, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

With our remarkable R&D team, we are able to pass our up-to-date knowledge on to you via our fabulous new arrivals. GD JG products have been widely sold to various well-known brands all over the world, especially the North American and European markets. We strive for excellence in all we do, and especially in the relationships we forge with our families, our employees and our loyal customers.

FROZEN has OEM for more than 1000 customers from over 30 countries and have excellent experience in many industries as we have provided professional service to consumers from automobile, health-care, food Industry, electronics, skincare, transportation, special equipment, etc.

FROZEN has a strategy aimed at profitable growth that will be realized through the following priorities: Profitable Expansion in Portable Refrigeration, Product Leadership through Innovation and Continuous Cost Reductions. The strategy will be implemented through dedicated teamwork involving all employees. JG Group calls the foundation of the strategy “Building together,” with the aim of enabling all employees to make it happen.

FROZEN has a unique position in the growing portable refrigeration market. This provides an excellent opportunity to expand the market scope, and to continue to develop in the existing business areas. FROZEN aims to always be the first choice of customers. With an increasingly global and competitive environment and extremely well-informed customers, this is an ambitious goal.